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General toilets:


Not all accommondation have their own toilets. There are toilet blocks by the harbor office, E dock, catamaran pavillion, L dock and Pampus side.


In the sanitary block by yhe harbor office you can also find a babyroom, family shower and handicapt sanitations.


Please leave the toilets clean for the next person.


Own toilet at your accommondation:


We use special toilets with a grinder in between. You can use there, apart from normal toilet paper, NOTHING flush.


So also no hygienic wipes where the packaging says you can flush them down the toilet. Not this one either!!! It causes immediate blockage. Before your visit, the toilet has been checked. If the toilet becomes clogged and this shows that something other than toilet paper has been flushed, the bill will come for you, costing easily € 150,-.


If the toilet becomes clogged during your stay, please contact us immediately. If you continue to flush anyway, the pump may burn out.


Also before use, please flush.