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Check in


On the day of arrival, at the check-in time, the key code and the name of your accommodation will be emailed to the email address known to us.

In the key box next to the door of the accommodation, you will find the key to check in contactless.

Due to cleaning between guests' departure and arrival, an early check-in is unfortunately not possible. If the cleaning is finished a bit earlier, the key code will be mailed earlier. Once you have received the code, you can enter the accommodation.

A later arrival is no problem, you can check in contactless.
Please note that we are available by phone until 19:00, so we recommend that you carefully read the information sent by e-mail in advance.

Check out


We ask you to check out by 10am on the day of departure and please check the points below:


-Leaving the accommodation tidy;
-Leave fridge empty, no food left behind;
-Waste to the containers (also remember the bin in the bathroom);
-No leaving dishes on the kitchen counter;
-Close the door behind you and put the key back in the key box.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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